An education is an invaluable asset to life and to a career. It comes easier to some than to others. Having a youthful mind and body along with no responsibilities usually makes learning a mild challenge. However being in your forties and having a family to support ratchets up the challenge to monumental. We all know that all things are possible through our LORD JESUS CHRIST and all   things work together for good to them that love GOD.

        Our Pastor James has just completed a grueling eight year journey in higher education that will culminate in the award of  a Bachelor of Science degree in Ministry from Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in May 2007.

    For the first two years of his education he was a full time student with a part time job to support his family. Increasing demands forced him to leave Lancaster and return home for full time employment thus forcing him to become a part time student. He struggled with some online courses through Liberty University and then enrolled in Lancaster Bible College's DCP curriculum(Degree Completion Program). This DCP program required him to commute 170 miles(4 plus hrs.) each way once a week for four years. These 4 hour classes were intensive and required numerous papers and research in order to pass the class.

    Finally after all these years of work and sacrifice, GOD has "smiled" on Pastor James and has rewarded him not only with a college degree but more importantly with expanded knowledge of GOD's Word and the ability to share it with His people.

    Our congratulations go out to Pastor James DeVaughn and his family for a job well done and best wishes for his future endeavors wherever they may lead him.


    Below are come candid photos of this educational adventure!!!!!