Blessed are they who are too tired or too busy to go to church on Sunday; for they are my best workers!

Blessed are they who are bored with the minister's or teacher's mannerisms; for they will get nothing out of the  services!

Blessed is the church member who expects to be invited to his own Church; he is an important member to me!

Blessed are those who gossip; for they cause strife and division, which pleases me much!

Blessed are those who are easily offended; they soon get angry and quit!

Blessed are those who do not give their offerings and tithes to carry on GOD'S work, they are my helpers!

Blessed is he who professes to love GOD but hates his brother; he shall live with me forever!

Blessed are the troublemakers; for they shall be called the children of the devil!

Blessed is who has no time to pray; for he will be an easy prey!

Blessed are those who are always trying to get even; I hope they will never die!

Blessed are those who are always planning something for Sunday; for this will keep them from going to Church and Sunday School!