Heresy in The News

We live by Faith with the Holy Scriptures as our ONLY authority for truth and guidance in our everyday spiritual lives. We believe the BIBLE to be the Inerrant, Infallible WORD of GOD breathed into the authors by divine Inspiration!


The BIBLE is full of examples of False Teachers with False Doctrines that existed back during the Early New Testament  Church. NO SURPRISE! It still exists today! Everywhere you look there are instances where sinful man is trying to distort the WORD of GOD. (Rev.22:18-19)

The Following items are some of the current distortions that are circulating in the news and on the Internet.


Jesus was married and has son!

Discovery Channel Heresy "The Lost Tomb of Jesus"

Jesus did not walk on water!

Jesus talks to Ebayer!

Jesus did not die but will return anyway to unite Christians & Muslims