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Past Mission Trips

Sandy Valley, Nevada         VBS  July 2002






Madison, New Jersey VBS 2005





Miami, Florida 2005




Hurricane Katrina Care Packages



Ocean City International Student Outreach 2006





Inner City Philadelphia, Pa.  January 2006

There are no Photos of this adventure but tales and rumors abound about a little grey creature that ran around!

Sandy Valley, Nevada July 2007





June 25 2007 Ocean City International Student Outreach Ministry





Noah Rebuild Project - New Orleans, La.    May 2007

A group of 25  Baptists from the Eastern Shore of Maryland traveled to New Orleans to participate in a Nationwide effort to bring aid, comfort, and spiritual support to the victims of the Katrina Hurricane that struck the Gulf States on August 29, 2005.


Two years after the disaster, massive relief efforts are still on going trying to return the people's lives back to normal. The SBC has supported this effort by  contributing the cost of the building supplies and depending on it's members to supply the labor. Cambridge Baptist, Lynnhaven Baptist and First Baptist Princess Anne sent 25 people into the heat and humidity of New Orleans to sweat toil and strain over the Memorial Day Holiday!

Pastor Bill Horner led the group from FBC Princess Anne. PK Parks was the Master Builder and major talent of the group. His valuable experience in construction made our efforts more fruitful. Chris and Jim Thompson also represented FBC.

Below are some pictures that show the awesome destruction and efforts of Christians trying to show GOD'S LOVE as best they can!


Hospital still not functioning 2 years Post Katrina

Major Store Chains have abandoned their gutted facilities!

Code left by post flood inspectors shows ZERO fatalities on site- Great thing for this man's family!!

FEMA Trailers outside homes as they are rebuilt!

PK Parks on one of his many trips for supplies as Team Leader!

Chris left evidence that Princess Anne was here!

Loading the Bus for the Day's Work!

Installing  new Cabinets in Karen's flooded home!

Water was to the top of the windows!

Dining Hall doubled as Youth Center at night!

Great Relief! The first toilet that we had in the field! Until PK installed this unit

Everyone had to find a bush or tree to go behind; even the ladies. No Porto potties

This may be why he has such a wide smile on his face?

Prayer time as the team begins a new Project!

This local church was flooded to the eaves of the roof. 90% of the congregation have NOT returned to the Community. The SBC has entered into an agreement with the church to allow the SBC to use this centrally located building as a warehouse for the NOAH Rebuild Project until the year 2008 at which time the Noah Rebuild Project closes down and the warehouse will be converted and returned to a Worship Building!

Crime is still rampant in the area! Over the Easter Holiday 2006 thieves attempted to break into the warehouse and steal building supplies. They were unable to gain access to the inside but were able to cannibalize the copper from the air conditioning on the outside. The thieves were never apprehended! However the NOAH project continues on changing lives!


The Church Warehouse- Water was as high as my hand on the fence!

Karen's House


Grandma Fanny's House-gutted house telling Pastor Bill how she escaped with her life and lived 3 days in a cemetery mausoleum on a hill  with 5 corpses before she was rescued!



This flooded corporate high rise was converted for the NOAH Project. Dining Hall on 3rd floor: men on 4th floor  and women on 5th floor. Everyone slept on double bunk beds with dimmed lights all night long. Our day began early at 5 A.M. with planning sessions for the team leaders and breakfast at 6 A.M. Most teams were out the door or on site by 6:30 A.M.

When NOAH REBUILD PROJECT ceases in 2008 these premises will be converted back to corporate offices!


The Bus that transported us to the work site every day!

Every group left a message of their trip to New Orleans. Again, after 2008 NOAH REBUILD PROJECT will cease to exist and this floor (3rd) will be overhauled and converted to office buildings  so all of the "graffiti" will be painted over!

Pastor Horner's specialty was cabinet installation. His expertise was in erecting the kitchen cabinets. Note the steady eye and fine tuning as he finishes the day long project in Karen's home!

Days end!!  could no longer eat the cafeteria fare; so we went looking for tastier food!

Sitting on the Mississippi River with an old river boat in the background!

How we felt at the end of the Day!!

New Orleans has always been associated with sin, decadence and debauchery. It has not changed since the flood devastation. The dark side of life continues. Here is a "mild" demonstration of NON-Christian living! The "wild" side of life is alive and well in all of the evil categories!

On the return trip home there was a significant mechanical problem that occurred early in the 9 hour flight home. Shortly after the flight began the Vacuum Pump failed. (note #1 the needle is pointing downward).

This failure caused 2 more critical instruments to fail (note #2 & #3 are covered up so not to distract the pilot)

Even with the tremendous amounts of smoke over Alabama and Georgia (Forest fires) the flight was completed safely with out event! Did Satan have a role in this misfortune???? By the way, there was another significant mechanical malfunction on the trip down to New Orleans!!!!! Were GOD'S servants being discouraged from completing their mission????



Sandy Valley, Nevada August 2009