"POP" Powell

Our oldest living member of our church just celebrated his 93rd Birthday on August 19, 2008.

This distinguished member is our Beloved "POP" Powell and was born in 1915 and joined our church in the 1940's and raised his family in the admonition of the LORD. He is no longer able to attend services due to his failing health but is ever faithful in his continued Love of Jesus and his Church.

He acquired his moniker "POP" because of his devotion to the children in the nursery! He has seen many children born, baptized, raised, and married in the church. He continues to worship and praise the LORD at his present home which is Pine Bluff Village in Salisbury, Maryland.

As an elder of our church we hold "POP" Powell in high regard and thank him for his countless hours of service to our church and to our LORD JESUS CHRIST! His life demonstrates that of Love and Service to our LORD. We pray that "POP" Powell will have many more birthday celebrations on this earth but we of faith have no doubt where his next appointed stop will be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP POWELL!  LOVE, your Church Family!


August 19, 2007   92nd Birthday




August 17, 2008 93rd Birthday Party