Weekly Prayer List

There is nothing too Great that our LORD can not handle. If it is in HIS will he will answer all prayers!! All we need to do is Ask and we will receive!



Spiritual Needs:  Our Nation; unsaved around the world;

In Need of Salvation: Bernadine, Carol, Elinor, Emanuel, Dick; Loraine; Kathy; Bill; Chuck, Tom; Chris; Charles; Danielle; Sara; Nikki; Gerald; Clyde Burk; Randy; Steve; Susie; Jessie: Jamie; Rick; Lindsey; Kim; John; Shannon; Jeff; Chastity; Justin

Thanksgiving:  Our Salvation; for Sunday Night's service and continued involvement! Birth Of Thompson's first grandchild "Cinco"; VBS workers Response; Birth of baby girl Madison Bruno

Health & Other Concerns:


Charlie "Kilp" Kilpatrick

Julie Kilpatrick

Peggy Maloney

Martha Parks

Barbara Laird- Chemotherapy

Jean Nelson

Cathy Cherry

Captain Lindley Lentz

Eric Maske

Gene Kellermeyer

Laura Whitelock

Millie Outten

Bob Carter and Family

Barbara Miller & Husband

Wes Brasher

Judy McDaniel

Tony Rizzi

Bill Waters

George Owens

Lois  Simpkins

Martha & James Covington-Alzheimer's

Kathy King-Lyme Disease

James Soliday

Darlene Webster-Lung Cancer

Robin Wantz- Cancer


Jarrod Doherty-In Seminary

Arvetta Wiles

Winifred Wiles

"POP" Powell-Health-Nursing Home

Angie Lucas-Cancer

Devaughn Family

Sharon Ward-Cancer

Glen Doughty-Pain

Cindy Costa-Cancer

Anne Ruth Webster-Cancer

Lori Goldsboro

Carolyn Daniel (Gayle Thompson's Sister) Breast Cancer

Jimmy Daniel

Greg Peacock

Robert Taylor-Lung Cancer

Eloise & Bryan

Rachel Shockley-Cancer

Donald Murhpy

Charles DeVaul

Jerry Thomas - Throat Cancer

Dianne Webster

Clark Blackburn

Mary Nock

Chris Hoffman

Robin Wantz

Susanna Martino-Crohn's Disease

Ricky Doyle

Alex Jones- Seizures

Helen Bozman-Nursing Home

Mary Webb-Nursing Home

Lucy Waas

Vera Taylor

Donna Alshouse-Lymphoma

Betty Thomas

Doris Parks

Becki Schumaker

Wallace Peterman

Tracy Walker

Clyde Burk

Denny Butler-Leukemia

Larry Shrader-Leukemia

Tony Rizzi

Bobby Sue Smith Hassen

Wes Bradford

Emily Davis

Barbara Powell

Cindy West-Surgery

Billy John Evans

Perry White

Mary Elligson

Christy Lagos

Sammy Horner

Lessa Green

Katherine Mason

Mary Collier

John Maloney- Bilateral Knee Replacements

Ed Smith-Chemotherapy